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Hey everyone,

For those that still check my page and wonder why certain pictures of me were taken down as well as my name and gender being change back to what I originally had before I "came out" to some of my friends about who I am, there is a reason behind it.

Last week me and my mum had a big fight about me being too social and looking for work despite that I have been looking for work then lead to an old topic which she forgot due to old age when she was googleing her name and mine that she found of me crossdressing with a stupid face on twitter and I told her previously about a photo I took of myself for when PoppingSkittles did my makeup for her photoshoot for college that I was a little drunk when I put the status & picture up.
I told her that PoppingSkittles needed a model in which lead to her say "I gave birth to a boy, not a "manga puppet girl"!" and call Abbigal ugly

While I'm still gender fluid and may transition one day, for now I've decided to take any pictures of me as Abbigal or me crossdressing down and changed my name and gender back as well as moderate this journal for safety measures as this is the kind of example why some family are stuck in their old ways or so backwards that they have to hurt their loved one for being themselves.
Ok, remember back in January when I discussed about card games having bullshit stuff then lead on to a rant about Bujin's being absolute cunts because it takes no skill to play the deck since its an autoplay deck

Well after many months and moons, surprisingly I've rarely seen Bujins very often though I still bump into them once in a black and blue moon which in mine and other like minded people cases; should breath happily from tier least for a while.

But sadly that's no longer the case anymore as while one archtype falls due to either players losing interest in them or players refusing to play against the player that uses said archtype deck, Konami makes either a new one or goes back to an older one that was broken from the past and give it new support.

This has become both cases; One of them being the Fire/Ice Hand card which can get really annoying but can be stopped and with most games I've played irl and online, I've rarely bumped into them. Now remember when I was going on a rant and I included the likes of Six Sams and Lightsworns (or in most people's minds; Lightscrubs), well Konami decided to smoke their "genius" weed again, pull the switch and revived Lightscrubs again but with more support and packed up in a new structure deck so they people can play the deck that once ruined the fun and enjoyment of the game and bring back with more support.

Konami; I've been a fan of your work for a long time, you guys introduced me to great games like Metal Gear Solid, Contra, Castlevania (mostly), in Yugioh you gave me some great cards that I've managed to build like Burning Knucklers/Battlin Boxers, Ancient Gears,Noble Knights, HEROs,Charmers heck even a Dark Magician deck, Gearfried deck and a Master Of Oz deck, even now I'm looking forward to the likes of Heavyweight/Super Heavy Samurais and Furimals/Des-toys yet I've still not forgiven you for dropping Skullgirls (even though its now supported by the developers and the fans) and banning Stratos from HEROs.....while I admit its nice to have cards like Breakthrough Skill in lower rarities so that players who have a budget can get them more easily than waste their hard earn cash on one card......of all the archtypes you have in your disposal, all the decks that you could have made that maybe good for players to have fun with and newcomers to get into and have fun with seasoned had to smoke the same herb that made you ban Stratos and decided to bring back Lightscrubs and give them more support along with cards that make it even more broken as an autoplay deck and think its ok?!

Now I know what people are going to say; "You're being salty" "Lightsworns takes skill to play" "You're only saying it cause your a bad player rofl lol"
I can give a normal Lightscrub or structure deck to a child who has never played a Lightscrubs deck and pit you with any other deck that isn't your precious Lightscrubs and you tell me when you lose, if Lightscrubs takes god damn skill?!

To those who feel the same and play just for fun with any other deck (minus Bujins, Six Sams, Exodia,Macrodicks, Spellbooks,Firefists,gravekeepers and Daigustos) all I can say is; keep looking for games that are fun, they're out there somewhere and there are players that may think the same and not play the meta.

To Konami; if you somehow stumble around these neck of the woods and somehow read this journal without smoking your pot (of greed), smoking crack or even snorting your lines of coke, I hope you feel the shame of how much chaos you've unleashed onto the game like you did with Bujins by pulling a Capcom on those who play yugioh and while I still play it, I'll never forget what you've done.

Rant over
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Cameron Sandiford
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I'm Cameron/Abbigal or Cam/Abbi for short. I'm a university student studying animation and I love playing video game, making art to make people happy or whatever I feel like XD
I am autistic (meaning I can get tounge tied in my speech) but whatever I lack in speaking, I make up for in art.
I'm a TG artist and trying to be a manga-ka.

Current Residence: U.K, England
Favourite genre of music: the kind i like and not chav music
Favourite style of art: Manga
MP3 player of choice: Ipod, Mobile phone
Favourite cartoon character: Viewtiful Joe

TG stamp by Lorddragonmaster CD Lovers Stamp by Lorddragonmaster

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